Puppy Socialisation

Puppies are not born with social skills; they are in fact hardwired to be wary of new things. They will be taught early socialisation skills from their mother along with their siblings, but there is a lot of work that needs to be done with all puppies to ensure that they grow into well-behaved adult dogs. It’s important that we aid them in adapting to their environment and the things that they will be exposed too throughout their life.

This class focuses on building your puppy’s confidence and gradually exposing them to other dogs and novelties at your pups pace! This class teaches you how to appropriately socialise your puppy and how to help them accustom to their environment at their own pace.

We also cover how to introduce your dog to other dogs effectively to avoid over excitement and prevent reactivity when they’re older! We focus on building up their engagement with YOU when around other dogs to ensure they can remain calm and focused.

We also know that your pups social skills with other dogs is important, especially when you allow them to play with others. We can’t just let them off to play and hope that they are playing appropriately! Therefore you will also be taught what appropriate play looks like and how to do regular check ins to ensure both pups are enjoying the play so that they adopt great skills.

However, off-lead play will only be allowed if pups are compatible and confident enough to do so. Remember this class is designed to build their confidence up, we don’t want to set them up for a negative experience! This is not a free for all! This is an educational environment that is supervised and taught by a degree qualified trainer! Puppies must be under 6 months old.

The session is priced at just £5, £3 on your first session.

Booking is required - Please get in touch to secure your place. Contact us via PM, call, text, email or book online



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