Welcome to Noah's Ark at Wassand Street, Hull

Welcome to Noah's Ark! Since 2017, we have been dedicated to providing exceptional care for dogs of all ages. Our offerings include a Day School, a Dog Grooming Service, and a Dog Training Service, ensuring your pets receive comprehensive care. Visit our retail shop to find a wide selection of natural treats for your furry friends. With a prestigious 5-star, 3-year license, we guarantee the highest standard of care and safety for your pets. Trust us to provide the best for your beloved companions.

Our Testimonials

My two boys love their days at Noah’s Ark could not give any higher recommendation staff go above and beyond to make them happy. Not many that I would trust my babies to but the service they provide here is excellent! Thank you so much


My puppy absolutely loves it here and the staff are super friendly! I love the regular updates and Toby loves playing with the staff and other dogs, would really recommend this place! Toby has been coming since he was only 4 months old and it’s been amazing for his socialisation skills with other dogs!


We took our precious pup here when she was only 4 months old and it has done her the world of good. She absolutely loves the staff, she was nervous at first but even when I pull down the street in the car she knows where she is going and she LOVES it. As soon as I take her out the car she can’t wait to get there and play with the other dogs. It’s helped her confidence and we are so happy knowing that she has fun!